Topiaries Abound



We went to the grounds of an old Tithe Barn at Bourton House which was built in the 1500’s. It was used by the landowner to hold the 10% tithe of farm goods each tenant farmer paid. The word tithe actually meant tenth. You can see the barn in the background. The most outstanding feature of these gardens were the topiary.


I loved how they used the topiary (mostly boxwoods) to create small alcoves and then added the pots of white tulips to each. I resolved to try some topiary at home since boxwoods are so easy to propagate.


Tulip season is almost over but these lavender beauties were spectacular. Behind the Tithe Barn this garden had kept the mushroom-like stones that were used to hold up large bundles of grain to keep rodents away. You cannot see it but in the center of each square bounded by the stone mushrooms is a square waterfilled pit, again to thwart the rodents.

I rounded a corner and to my delight spotted my favorite topiary of all, these hens.



3 thoughts on “Topiaries Abound

  1. Linda O.

    Topiaries are amazing!!! I remember the gardens outside thr Louvre Museum in Paris years ago… Took pix from upstsirs… inside… so you could see the labarinth puzzle from above…🗼 🌿


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