Planning & Packing For Italy & England

22D98719-FC87-47BA-85D2-A820042CB860Erin and I will be spending 5 nights high up in the Irpina mountains in Taurasi, the hometown of my grandparents. Thanks to the internet I have been able to book us lunch on Sunday at an agritourismo (they grow most of what they serve) called Il Rifugio del Barone. I ate there in the fall of 2010 and it was like being in my Nana’s kitchen. I have also booked us to visit the local winery, Cantine Caggiano. Sig. Antonio Caggiano was a famous photographer in Rome and after retirement he built the winery in Taurasi. Taurasi had always grown its famous Aglianico grapes but never had a winery. Today they have actually established their own DOCG for Taurasi.9BAF117B-FBAD-4F74-92F8-45194C73FEA6

This large barrel greets you as you arrive in Taurasi. I am looking forward to really conversing with people in Taurasi. When I was there in 2010 my Italian was very basic. Eight years later it better be better!

Packing is a bit of a challenge because I will be in England first which will be much cooler than Italy. I swear by packing cubes. It is almost like having dresser drawers in your suitcase with one cube for undies, one for tops and one for slacks etc.  Also electronics can be challenging with so many chargers and cords. I have the perfect small container for my electronics and am building an insert with everything labeled. After I figure out all my clothes I lay them on the bed and try to eliminate about a quarter of them.

And then there’s money. I am a firm believer in getting cash stateside because I have seen people ripped off at the airport exchange. However I will use the airport to change any left over pounds sterling to euros when I leave England. I still have to email myself a copy of my passport in case it gets stolen and need to notify my credit card companies. Capital One now has a card with no foreign transaction fees.

I leave three weeks from today and my to do list is getting shorter. Thanks for coming along for the ride,


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