A Bit Like Downton Abbey


This is the first day of our garden tour and I feel almost recovered from driving myself the 2 1/2 hours up here from London. I confess to hitting two curbs as I learned to stay closer to the center line when the tendency is to go the other way. My Red Fiat 500 (and my driving) were indeed noticed by the locals, but I grinned and beared it.

This is the entrance to Broughton Castle which dates from the 1300’s, and of course has been built onto and remodeled many times. It was quite cool all day at about 55 degrees. We had the pleasure of meeting its owner 96 year old Lord Sayer while he was out and had just walked a half mile into town and back with his walker! We started the day in Chipping Camden at a garden by chinese Wilson. The dogwood below was new to me, a handkerchief dogwood.


We have arrived with the wisteria at its peak. It is everywhere. Most of it is purple but in Chipping Camden I found this beautiful pinkish one.C3EEBBE4-9E21-4B79-A700-CAF6976A2395

The stonework in these gardens amazing. We are in an area of England referred to as the Cotswolds and everything is made from their distinctive honey colored limestone which then ages. These stairs are on the grounds of Upton House.


And again is more of the purple Wisteria outside our hotel, the Three Ways House. You can see the Cotswold stone which is required for building unless you use brick or natural wood.


From the rooftop of the Castle I got this shot of the knot garden. Last but not least is the moat surrounding Broughton Castle…a REAL moat!







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