A BIG Little Garden


Mill House Garden is a private garden in Warwick adjacent to Warwick Castle and sitting along the old moat which is cut in from the local river. It is amazing that one family has managed to build and maintain so much, so well in a relatively small space.

There is a 6 pound entrance fee which the family donates to charity and last year this amounted to 15,000 pounds or over $20,000.

This is the first garden where we started seeing poppies. There were also many striking displays of small flowers. Our group of die hard gardeners was hard pressed to find ANY weeds.


This was the first garden where I saw all 3 colors of forget-me-nots: blue, white and pink. The periwinkles on the right are a deep purple color and with elongated petals that I have never seen before.  Last but hardly least were these fairy-like pink, white and burgundy members of the daisy family. It was one of our favorite gardens.


Check out this rhubarb with the crazy leaves. They have several varieties over here that they use as ornamentals.


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