Locked-Down at Stratford Upon Avon

At Shakespeare’s birthplace of Stratford Upon Avon we walked along the Avon River. As luck would have it we just happened to be there when two long boats were going through the locks. It appeared one fellow took his wife along so that SHE could jump out and open the locks. We had seen them at another lock when we arrived in town. The gears she had to turn seemed pretty heavy work!

I was impressed when a second boat came along and they went through at the same time. You can see her doing her job here. The church below is where Shakespeare was baptised and the modern building is the new Shakespeare Theater. We had a nice lunch up at the top on the other side.


We got to do some shopping at a tent bazaar along the river. There has been no shortage of walking on this trip! I will leave you with this great gargoyle who lives atop one of the bridges.


3 thoughts on “Locked-Down at Stratford Upon Avon

  1. Lyn AKA Auntie

    Really neat stuff Ellen! I appreciate so much you sharing your trip like this. I can only imagine how much time it takes to put your thoughts and pictures down, especially after a long day of walking! BTW, I’d love to have you on my boat too, if I only HAD a boat!!


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