A Bit of India – Sezingcote Garden



It won’t surprise you to know that this garden was built by a son of The East India Trading Company founder beginning in 1815.  The architecture and the design of the garden were inspired by life in India. Photos were not allowed inside the house. For me the most interesting thing inside the house was the wallpaper. It was not wallpaper at all but was made of a stretchy cloth and stitched together in panels and held onto the wall by a thin wood molding. It was truly beautiful. The last room we saw inside was an immense kitchen with a stove that was at least 15’ long with many small doors for proofing and baking and covered burners on top.


The picture above mirrors a similar structure which are each attached on either side of the house. One is still used as an orangery (for citrus and tropical plants year round. Today the house is also the site for grand weddings.




Trees and magestic vistas are the backbone of this garden.


The garden also took advantage of a natural stream that flowed down through it.


And of course no visit to India would be complete without elephants. All in all a quirky, fun garden.


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