On the Cliffs of Kiftsgate


Kiftsgate sits high up overlooking the Cotswold town of Chipping Camden where we stayed for our tour. When we finished at Hidcote we walked about a mile over to Kiftsgate. Kiftsgate is built upon and down the side of a cliff and is more free spirited than Hidcote. This modernistic stark pond contrasted with the giant calla lily fountain at the back was sudden and striking. I liked the boldness of Kiftsgate.


As you wind your way down the cliff the view of the pond below changes.

And from the bottom, looking back up, the view is spectacular. And at the edge behind is another haha holding back the sheep. Look close and you can see it where the shade begins.



And of course the tree peonies did their part to add sparkle.


And more cool steps with thin stone set on its side and you continue through the woods. As you start your climb back up you are wowed by this cute water feature.


Near the top this blue bush welcomes you from your climb with its bold pop of color.


The view as you leave is peaceful, and yes, there is another haha!



One thought on “On the Cliffs of Kiftsgate

  1. Lyn, AKA Auntie

    It’s so beautiful there Ellen! The gardens have been so amazing, again, thank you for taking us on this journey with you!


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