Mangia! The Neverending Dinner

Il Rifugio del Barone is an agriturismo in Taurasi di Avellino Italy, my grandparents hometown. It is high up in the mountains about an hour from Naples. An agriturismo features food grown on their own farm or nearby farms. The meal I am about to share with you cost 25 euro per person and included a bottle of wine, bottled water, bread and espresso or an aperitivo. The meal started with antipasto then primo piatto (first course), secondo piatto, verdure (vegetables), and dolce (dessert).

Above: frittata di porri, parmigiana and ceci con porcini. Below: prosciutto, capicolla, and sorpressata (so good I ate some before taking the photo),bruschetta con fagiolini originati (bread with white beans and olive oil and spices), ceci (chickpeas with porcini) melanzane grigliate (grilled eggplant sliced very thin and marinated in something secret after grilling.) I am not an eggplant fan but this was amazing!

It was a good thing that between courses we were able to walk around.

I don’t think they plan to eat this guy. But the figs and grapes will surely make it to the table in some form. They grow an abundance of Aglianico grapes here which become the famous Taurasi DOCG wine.

And the antipasti continue with fave (those beans again!) frittele di zucchine and an involtini di capicola con pangratto, fagiolini and burro (a roll up of capicola, beans, breadcrumbs and butter. OK you gotta keep eating. Primo piatto is next.

Above are two different pastas. I had tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms, arugula and cheese. Erin had tagliatelle with black truffles. I could not resist mopping up the luscious olive oil with a piece of bread “fare la scarpetta”. Next up secondo piatto.

We both had maiolino con crema di formaggio and noccioline. Roast pork with a cream sauce and hazelnuts. Next to it was a yummy salad. I love having salad after the main course. It does make you feel less full. So are you ready for dessert?


We will both remember this amazing meal “per sempre!” Forever.

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