Cantine Caggiano – Where Wine and Art Combine


Welcome to Cantine Antonio Caggiano. Signor Caggiano was a world famous photographer. Today he expresses his creativity via a unique process of photography combined with acrylics on canvas and with the production of his many wines. Located in Taurasi di Avellino, Italy this winery is like nothing in the US. Why? Because when it was constructed in the 1980’s-90’s Signor Caggiano rescued ancient artistic stonework from after the bad earthquake here in 1981 (or 1980 don’t quote me on that).



Notice how the lights are made from parts of Wine barrels – both the metal and the slats. Caggiano carefully planned the artistic effect of each light. You turn a corner and you are in a church of sorts. Each year a priest says Mass here under a cross of wine and in front a room of wine hawing in barrels.


Many ancient tools of the trade are also artistically displayed like this 500 year old press.


Then it is on to the production facility. Each batch is kept in its own container. After bottling they keep a bottle from each batch for quality control.

Taurasi has always grown grapes for wine but it was not until more recently (the last 25 years or so) that wine was produced here. Before this the growers just sold their grapes to wineries outside the area. Together the Taurasi vintners were able to obtain the much valued DOCG for Taurasi wine. Locals even went to Rome and presented the wine to Pope John the 23rd. I will close with one of Signor Caggiano’s famous photos.


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