You Ain’t Lived Till You’ve Been to The Pudding Club


While I was on a recent small group garden tour in England I had the pleasure of attending a meeting of The Pudding Club. This particular club meets every Friday evening at The Three Ways House in Mickleton Chipping Camden in the heart of the Cotswolds region. I got drafted to carry one of the puddings out to be appreciated by more than 60 guests.


And since I always believe we are goodwill ambassadors when we travel abroad my former employer, King Arthur Flour, kindly donated this apron which I presented to the Pudding Club Master. The Pudding Club’s mission since it began in 1985 has been to preserve the Great British Pudding.


This is the Chocolate Hazelnut Meringue pudding. It looked better than it tasted. And below is a photo of the whole lot as they say. The puddings are served with a warm custard cream which you can see in the striped cups. Sugar anyone?

The Ginger Syrup Pudding won the nite thanks to a large table of ginger lovers. I liked it too but my favorite was the Rhubarb Pie Pudding. My second favorite Marmalade Bread & Butter Pudding came in second. All the puddings are made by one local woman, Sheila Vincent who is quite famous after producing seven amazing puddings and seven  gallons of custard every Friday night for so many years.


So after all this I returned to my room, The Summer Pudding Room. It was a great experience.



These birds were on the ceiling.

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