Scorpions & Cactus In Italy, Oh My!


Yes we met a scorpion here in Italy! We thought this one found under our door in Umbria was dead but then he disappeared…

The next day as we entered Tuscany we stopped at the most amazing garden center that only sold cactus. I wondered did we go to sleep and awaken in the American Southwest?




The variety was like nothing I have ever seen. To top it off everything was not only displayed to sell but also in an artistic manner. Just look at how these succulents match the design of the adjacent couch.


From hairy, to prickly to GIGANTIC this place had them all.




And again more artistry and prickly and unusual.





We have been impressed here in Italy by how art is an important part of all things Italian. This nursery is on the road from Perugia to Cortona. Most of the plants are in a greenhouse which I assume is necessary in winter.

So……where does the scorpion go in winter?

One thought on “Scorpions & Cactus In Italy, Oh My!

  1. Lyn Ross

    Oh my Ellen!! I’ve never seen anything like those amazing cacti before! I love the pictures, and your descriptions! Maybe Mr. Scorpion is hiding in your suitcase!! Love you my “big” sis! 💗💕


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